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How to Choose the Right Sized Light Fixture for Your Space

Lighting is one of the most important design elements in any room.                                                                                                              Not only should it provide adequate brightness for the room, but it must fit the space and visual atmosphere. The right
sized fixture is just as important as the look and construction of the light. Fortunately, even an
amateur can choose the perfect fixture with some basic math.

Front Door
Outdoor fixtures are one part of creating the mood for the entire home. Not only should they
provide proper lighting but must fit the scale of the door itself. To find the right sized light for
the front entrance, it should be no more than one third of the size of the door or opening for a
single light and not more than a quarter of the size for dual lights.

Dining rooms call out for a chandelier. Whether modern and sleek or an elegant crystal
chandelier, the size is the same. Take the size of the room and add the feet together. For
example, if the room is 10’ by 12’ the chandelier’s width should be 22”. Additionally, make
sure the width is about 15” shorter than the dining room table.
For other rooms, the size is really more a matter of taste. The light should not create a visual
barrier to the room or block design elements, but other than that, choose a light with provides
good light and fits the style of the space.

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